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  • What is Offdays
    Offdays is a golf company and community that offers a digital membership as its first product. With this membership, you gain access to various utilities, including free golf at our courses or affiliate courses, discounts, rewards, and more. Visit our website to learn more.
  • Is this membership for life?
    Yes, the Offdays membership is infinite with no additional fees.
  • Are there any other fees?
    No, the membership requires a one-time purchase only. There are no recurring fees or annual charges.
  • Why are you launching as a digital membership?
    With traditional membership, rarely do the value of memberships increase over time. With digital memberships, the value of the membership can increase exponentially based on utilities offered and company success. NFT's have the ability to be bought and sold in marketplaces at anytime. NFT memberships are more secure and efficient. Their ownership can be verified, and they can be sold to others at whatever price you wish. It is extremely difficult for anyone to create fake membership information or steal them because memberships are easily verified on the blockchain network.
  • What do you anticipate the floor price to be at the end of the year?
    We expect our floor price to be at least 5-10 times our launch price.
  • What do you mean when you say your membership has utilities?
    Utility NFTs, unlike traditional NFTs that derive their value from market demand, provide immediate and tangible benefits to the buyer upon purchase. These digital assets, often referred to as "NFTs with benefits," offer more than just a smart-contract token. They come with exclusive advantages such as redeemable rewards, memberships, access to events, and opportunities for passive income. By owning a utility NFT, individuals gain access to a range of privileges and experiences that add inherent value to their investment beyond mere ownership.
  • If I don't golf, would this still be useful for me?
    Absolutely! Even if you don't golf, you can benefit from our utilities. You can rent out your membership to someone and earn passive income while you do so. Alternatively, you can hold onto the membership until its value reaches an appealing floor price and then sell it on any available marketplace.
  • How do I purchase a membership?
    You can participate in our pre-sale or public sale at a fixed price. After the sale, you can purchase a membership on our website or any open marketplace at the listed floor prices, which may vary depending on market value. You can purchase in any currency you want including crypto.
  • Can I sell my membership?
    Yes, your membership is your property and an appreciating asset. You can choose your price and list your membership through Offdays or on any open market including Opens, Coinbase, & more.
  • What is membership renting?
    Offdays allows you to rent out your membership for profit to anyone, whether it's someone you know or through our renters market. You can set the price and rental duration. While the membership is rented, you still retain ownership. Once the rental period ends, the membership returns to your account, and you can choose to hold, sell, trade, transfer, or rent it again.
  • What is a pre-sale and public sale?
    A pre-sale allows you to purchase something in advance. In our case, it opens 6 hours before the public sale, and invited individuals can buy a membership at a discounted price. The public sale is available to everyone on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Where will new courses be located?
    We will be rolling out courses across the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Japan.
  • What is a buyback program?
    Offdays operates a buyback program in which we purchase memberships back at the lowest listed price and remove them from the market. These repurchased memberships cannot be resold, reducing supply and enhancing the value of existing memberships.
  • What are Divots and how can I earn them?
    DIVOTS are a loyalty token utility issued to anyone holding an offdays membership. Each membership has a different amount of DIVOT kickback. Additionally, you can earn divots through purchases, giveaways, and staking/renting.
  • Where can I use divots?
    Divots can be used like cash online or at any course. Each divot is equivalent to one dollar, and you can use them for drinks, food, pro shop items, virtual golf, or online purchases of any golf products we offer.
  • What is an NFT?
    An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique digital work on a blockchain that cannot be duplicated or replicated in any way.
  • What is a blockchain?
    A blockchain is a secure structure of digital data shared among a network of independent parties.
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